To Protect and Serve “themselves”

When you see that squad car in your rear view mirror what is your first thought? I know my thoughts are “set your phone to record because these clowns can’t be trusted”! My license is legit, I have insurance but more important I’m not breaking any laws…that doesn’t matter because they will pull you over and make shit up! I have personally been a victim of abuse by an “officer of the law”, not physically but emotionally and financially. I was stopped and ticketed for allegedly dropping my MINOR child off in the middle of the street. First of all I see the sheriff parked at the corner everyday, second I know that it’s not only illegal it’s DANGEROUS and finally if that is in fact what I did, why did it take the sheriff; a four way stop, 3 blocks, a red light and 2 more blocks before he pulled me over? I’ll tell you why because he was trying to figure out what he would say in order to justify stopping me! When the officer approached my vehicle I asked what I was being stopped for (which by the way is a RIGHT we all have and must be answered). The officers reply was “license and registration”. While gathering my documents I repeated my question. The officers response was “I’ll tell you when I come back”…VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS (but I remained silent). As I waited for him to run my information I knew in my gut he was going to make something up…10 minutes later LITERALLY! Everybody knows it takes like 30 seconds to run your information but I guess he was still thinking. He gave me the ticket and my documents and walked off…no problem I’m going to fight this bogus ticket. I had to first pay the $233 ticket in order to fight it and guess what since they already had my money I lost because it always boils down to your word against those who’ve taken an oath to “protect and serve” the only ones their protecting are themselves! Police brutality and murder is at an all time high because they protect each other and so do the judges when they only recognize the uniform and not the facts. This blatant abuse of authority is why people fear law enforcement not because they’re guilty of anything but because trust has been betrayed and respect has been lost. Those who vowed to uphold and enforce the law have broken and consider themselves exempt from the law. Law enforcement agencies were established to maintain “social order” but when these agencies allow their officers to operate with low or no ethical standard “social order” is nonexistent. People will/have become vigilant/terrorist and the chaos of today’s society is absolute proof of this fractured system. This “injustice” system has made it dangerous for all of us; law abiding citizens, officers that actually honor their oath and criminals! My advice to you is trust your instinct because you may have to protect yourself from those who promised to protect you. Please let me know your thoughts. I am not offended by constructive criticism or a genuine exchange of intellect/reason.


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